The Importance of Commitment

Expert Author Susan Leigh
We all need to commit to things in order for there to be arrangements, plans and systems in place. We have to accept invitations so that people can organize an event, buy tickets rather than pay on the night. Becoming engaged to be married is evidence of commitment to another person and shows that we are not still looking to find a partner.
Commitment is important for several reasons:
- It demonstrate respect. How disrespectful is it if a person refuses to commit to an arrangement in case a better offer turns up? We would be feel disappointed by that treatment and decide that the person was not a proper friend.
- A course of treatment often needs commitment to enable it to work properly. If we are prescribed antibiotics we are told to take them for a period of time. Even if we feel better we are still required to commit to the full period in order for the treatment to work. This applies to many other areas too. If we want to become fitter we may join a gym or commit to a personal trainer. We have to work with the programme for several weeks in order to the get the best results, needing to follow a plan and attend two or three times a week.
- Service providers need commitment from their clients and customers in order to plan their schedule. They have to put appointments in their diary and work around those arrangements. Some may expect payment in advance in order to cover their overheads and obtain a full commitment from their clients. It enables them to plan their other arrangements, courses and commitments.
- Relationships need commitment. We have to demonstrate that our partner, family, friends matter to us. We have to commit to spending time together, sometimes at the expense of other things. We have to show how important those relationships are to us, how committed we are to making them work. So taking time to turn up for meals, special events, parents evenings and sports days may be inconvenient, but is an integral part of demonstrating commitment to the other people. We are seeing the bigger picture, the things that matter to the group as a whole. It is important to commit and show that we care.
- It demonstrates loyalty and involvement. We are a part of something and want to make it work. By being committed we are voting with our feet, turning up, showing how much the relationship or plans matter to us. Other people then feel motivated to continue making plans and organising events. It is disheartening to arrange events and have no one turn up.
- It is also about being part of something. A family, a group, a unit all need commitment for them to function as a unit. People have to make an effort and only continue to do that when there is reciprocal love, respect and caring in return. Sometimes we may be less interested in the arrangements but want to be included in the group. Making that choice is an important part of commitment, by compromising in order to be involved.
- It gives feedback. By being committed we are in favour of the arrangements. We want them to work, we are committed and involved in their success. We are demonstrating that there is a demand for what is being offered. We want it or want to be a part of it and are happy to be included.
Commitment is an important part of adult relationships. Sometimes it is not easy to be committed to something or someone, it can require compromise. But it gives the message to others that we care, are respectful and want to make the relationships work.


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