Tips for the First Days in Your New Job

Expert Author Susan Leigh
Many young people will have now finished their education and be looking for full-time employment. Some will be in paid work from day one whilst others may start with being minimally paid as they begin their training as an apprentice or intern. Wherever they're working, the first days in a new job can be daunting.
Here are some tips for the first days in your new job:
- Ensure that on your first day you're punctual, not too early and of course not late. Either situation can throw your co-workers plans for receiving you into disarray.
- Locate the amenities so that you feel confident about the logistics of the place. Find out the basics, where the rest rooms are, the coffee-making facilities, kitchen or cafeteria.
- Smile and be prepared to make the drinks, at least at first. Regard it as a friendly opportunity to meet everyone, learn their names and let them know who you are.
- A nice touch can be to bring in a packet of quality biscuits to let everyone share and enjoy during your first coffee break. It doesn't cost much cash wise yet can be another great way to say 'hello'.
- Make an effort to quickly learn your work email address, people's names, job titles, where everyone's located.
- Make notes as you learn. Hand-write the information so that it's readily accessible. Highlighting important points may sound low-tech, but it's an efficient way to quickly identify key, relevant information.
- What about mistakes? There will be times when you don't understand something, make a mistake or are confused. Resist the temptation to bluff your way through. This option only serves to cause you stress and worry, annoys others and makes the situation far worse. Admit how you're feeling in an open and honest way, ask for extra instruction or clarification and focus on doing better in the future.
- Be willing and keen but not desperate to please. It's great to show enthusiasm but be wary about taking on too much before you fully understand what's entailed. If there are decisions to be made, consider carefully where you feel in the business suits you best.
- Keep your own counsel. Take time to assess the office dynamics before deciding who to befriend. Resist the temptation to criticize or complain about your work or other co-workers and managers. Others may have what they feel are valid grievances but you need to avoid being seen as a negative or disruptive addition to the team.
- Focus on treating yourself well. A new job is the start of a brand new phase in your life. It can be a tiring, stressful time. Ensure that you eat healthily, take breaks, have exercise and look after yourself by getting enough sleep. Give yourself rewards and treats from time to time.
Starting a new job can be stressful at any age. For a young person the first few days of a new job often means entering the alien, unfamiliar world of career and business. Hopefully some of these tips will help to ease the transition.


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