Don't Miss the Opportunity to Collect E-Mails and Or Addresses

Expert Author Katheryn Hoban
We are in the business of relationship building. How can you develop a relationship with anyone if you don't send, speak, write or communicate with them frequently? The easiest way to start to do that is to collect e-mails addresses, physical mailing addresses and or phone numbers. Today everyone is afraid of spam, and to be blasted by offers in their e-mail or at their home or office. They are already conditioned to dismiss an uninvited person as a pest or nuisance.
You have to get past their guard. One of the ways to do that is to make it feel harmless. Would you like to receive a copy of my Free newsletter or catalog of the many unique products we offer? No obligation to buy. They may give you the mailing address or the PO Box address. Send them what you told them you would.
If you see them on a daily or weekly basis, you could have a sign up sheet, where you get their phone numbers and or e-mails addresses in case of an emergency. Again use their information for just that. If you need to cancel a class or session, call or e-mail them. That is building a trusting relationship with them.
When you e-mail them make sure in the subject line it says your name and re: schedule change or cancellation of meeting. They would be sure to open it. Same if you call. Hi so and so this is "Michelle, I'm calling to tell you about a cancellation. Sorry about that can you make it at this new time?"
Another way to get the clients e-mail or physical address is to ask. Would you like to receive updates from me from time to time? I'm planning a newsletter would you like to be updated when that occurs? Then you have permission to send them updates of what you are doing. A new product comes out, or you wrote a book. Let your clients know about it. That is a legitimate reason to contact them.
Another reason that they would like to give out the e-mail address or physical address is a contest or raffle of some sort. We are giving away an hour coaching session please fill out your contact information.
Still another way to ensure that they may want to give their e-mail address is to give something away for free. No strings attached. You gave your e-mail address, and I'm going to reward you with a free downloadable report. Yours to keep.
Once you have the e-mails or physical addresses don't abuse it. Let them know that you will be sending them information of importance to them. Don't send them all sorts of offers. If they want to leave your list take them off immediately. Make it easy for them to get off. Send something to them at least once per month. But whenever possible keep collecting those addresses. Your list is vital to building your business.


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