Carefully Build Your Team - Paid Or Not

Expert Author Katheryn Hoban
Many times who you work with is just as important as what you are marketing. At first we may have to join forces with people whom we may not otherwise choose in order to get the job done. You have to focus on the goal of completion. Therefore it is necessary to work with reliable people that will do what they say they will. Deadlines and schedules are important and you will be stuck waiting on an unreliable or incompetent team member.
Sometimes when we are new to business and trying to save money we work with an uncompensated person who is doing us a favor. But how long do you wait for him or her? Usually the worst case scenario is that we have to put our work on hold while waiting long periods of time for him or her to fulfill the favor. You get to a point where the project stalls waiting for the updates. It could take a full year or longer and still you wait.
Once that happens and you are so far along in the project your only recourse may be to patiently wait and press on and gently apply some pressure to your slow helper. Another more drastic solution is to search for someone else whom you can pay to continue and complete what your friend started.
The problem with that is that it is hard to see what is done and to follow the flow of the first friend or acquaintance's job. The fix by a trained professional could be more money
than if you had started with a professional from the beginning.
If you continue working with your friend for future updates he or she has already proven how the work will continue or not. It is obvious that you are not a priority on her list. Consider even if this person is your partner or spouse you may not want him or her to continue as a team member.
Firing a close friend or loved one is very difficult. But it is very important for you to maintain your vision and to work with a reliable person who is in line with that thinking and what you have planned.
Working with a professional is valuable if he or she will keep you moving forward. You need someone who will listen to your input and make the necessary changes in a timely manner, who works steadily on the task and that can interact easily with you. If something is critical you need back and forth dialog.
Right now I'm working with a person who will be paid at the end of the project from our sales. He has delayed the launch by about 8 weeks now. I don't hear from him for four days at a time and he tells me that everything is under control and there are only minor changes to be made now. When I'm able to get a look fifty major things still need revision and he didn't make the last changes that I indicated in four or five previous e-mails. But whose fault is that? Mine.
So whenever possible choose your team wisely. If that person is the only answer work with them but prepare yourself for many delays. When you are able to pay for professional services make the investment and ask questions. Have you done this type of work before? On the average how long does it take to complete this type of project? Have you worked with this type of software? Can we communicate on the phone or by e-mail frequently? It is also important to have a clear idea of how you see the project and how you like to work. Remember that is not necessarily how other people like to do his or her work.
If you have previously worked with someone whose work you liked and with whom you get along well consider inviting him or her on your team. If you found a decent helper through a referral of a professional or close friend that is reliable bring him or her on board too. When you build your team you want people with vision who can stay the course. Another important quality is that he or she also gives good input on a project and is a person of integrity and confidence. No BS artist please.
Gut feelings about new team members can be very significant. Trust that. If your gut feeling says he or she is going to work out well or not trust that. When you finally do have a good team in place the work environment will be a place of joy and your team will be super productive.


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