Path to Peace and walking on air

Expert Author Roger Fontaine
The necessary parts to successfulness ought to incorporate the four components of the person. The mind, emotions, physical structure, and therefore the energy body or aura. the full being has to deliver the goods harmony between these four parts to realize continuous successfulness and seventh heaven. seventh heaven may be a detached mood that emanates from inner peace and centeredness. however do you deliver the goods this centeredness and inner peace? There area unit several pathways to achieving inner seventh heaven and centeredness. The one that i take advantage of relies on the Buddhist tradition of heedfulness and detachment living life with passion and compassion for others. The heedfulness relies on continual concentrate on respiration rhythms, harmonizing our inhalation with a small pause once full, so a delicate exhalation with slight pause on empty. The quantitative relation are often 6-3-6-3- or 7-1-7-1. The six or seven being the heartbeats time of inhalation and exhalation, and therefore the 3-1 being the time of pause once holding breath full or empty.

This is the start attentiveness exercise of our continual apply. heedfulness of our respiration keeps America within the here and now that is that the solely real moment. The past and future area unit creations of the mind, tempered by emotions energy habits and recollections. the main target on the current through our respiration permits to feel 'one with all'. this can be the most thought that assists America to realize inner peace and seventh heaven. The sense of feeling 'one with all' needs a openness to intuitive understanding of our place within the world, wherever the workings of our mind and therefore the emotions area unit mediate by the soul. The affiliation to the soul is that the second step.

The soul are often found through the heart-crown affiliation. the guts is that the physical home of our passion and compassion. The crown is that the affiliation between our body and therefore the cosmic  or celestial body reality. each the guts and crown area unit mediate through the energy centers referred to as 'chakras'. These energy wheels area unit affiliation devices between the physical and energy  dimensions or realities. it's by turning into responsive to this affiliation and nurturing it through daily meditations on the 'twin hearts', the guts and therefore the crown, that the soul is contacted which this inner affiliation between our 'body soul' and therefore the 'cosmic body' is achieved.

The soul dimension of heart and crown realities relies on 'love'. Passion and compassion area unit merely manifestations of affection. Love expressed and love felt.

Right thought, right speech, right action. Watering wholesome seeds of thought, speech and action assures the harvest of peace and seventh heaven. perceptive vile seeds of thought and ignoring them, nor permitting them to trigger a negative emotional speech or action response. reworking indeterminate seeds of thought into wholesome expressions through speech and bodily action.

This is the premise for consequent step to achieving inner peace and seventh heaven.

Connecting our four bodies through the soul affiliation, perceptive and dominant our thoughts, speech and actions, and every one the time remaining aware of our respiration that is our affiliation between our soul and therefore the divine reality.

When we have a tendency to area unit born our soul consciousness enters our physical structure through  our crown chakra with the primary breath we take . this can be referred to as birth.

When we have a tendency to die our soul consciousness with our speech and action recollections leaves our physical structure through our crown chakras with the last breath we exhale. this can be referred to as 'death'.

Some folks do not leave the physical plane through the crown chakra as a result of they're blocked at the guts chakra. they need denied the idea and apply of passion and compassion, forgiveness, and feeling. These area unit activities of the guts, and once denied throughout a period, at the time of death the soul leaves the body through the nerve plexus chakra and goes out of the physical structure sideways onto the celestial body plane.

This place is named purgatory or hell. The 'Tibetan Book of the Living and therefore the Dead' speaks of this reality place. It speaks of however the living will assist the dead to seek out freedom from this place and avoid reincarnation  back onto the physical plane. The prayers which might be spoken for the somebody over forty nine days assist the lost soul to seek out the sunshine and opt for 'The Way' to the celestial body plane reality.

My sources  for this text area unit the thoughts of Thich Nhat Hanh and Grand Master Choa Kok Sui and therefore the ancestors.


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