Life while not Suffering - By Healing the Energy, Emotional, Mental and Physical Bodies

Expert Author Roger Fontaine
The first step to rising one's overall health is to acknowledge that we have a tendency to ar created from four bodies: the physical or etheric, emotional, mental, and non secular bodies. every one is integrated with the opposite 3 and unless all four work along optimally the individual can feel unhealthy, poorly, imbalanced, or sick.

What do you have to be compelled to do to become alert to these four bodies? The education begins with associate degree introduction to pranic healing, raja yoga, respiratory techniques, and massage medical aid techniques.

The emotional body is regulated by the structure region of the brain. The mental body is regulated by the cerebral mantle that, through nerve synapses connects and organizes the varied components of the operative brain to perform the myriad tasks appointed thereto each second of each moment. The mental body is connected to the physical structure through a network of nerves and muscles that actualize the brain's commands. The mental body conjointly controls the circulatory, metastasis, crystallization, metabolizing, catabolizing, absorbent , absorption, excretion, and endocrine systems.

Master Choa Kok Sui UN agency developed and developed the fashionable theories and techniques of pranic healing makes the remark that "When the energy body is functioning properly, then the physical structure are healthy". this can be a paraphrase meant to speak that by manipulating the functioning of the chakras the pranic expert is in a position to scan, cleanse, and energize every and each chakra that desires it. These chakras or energy distribution centers ar connected to the physical tissues, organs, muscles and system via the rule and principle meridians, connected through contact of the tongue to the higher palette. The energy body is command along by our aura that surrounds and connects to the chakras. My supply is " Advanced Pranic Healing" by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

There ar several coloured auras counting on every one's individual temperament supported genetic science and past lives. the colors of those auras ar analyzed inside the four quadrants of physical, mental, emotional, and non secular dominating attributes. an excellent supply for this info is from Barbara Bowers book entitled "What color is your aura?".

The use of yoga for well-being is elaborate and multi-levelled. Yoga suggests that "union with God". There ar several kinds of Hindooism expression however the most ones concern the appliance of poses or 'asanas' that strengthen and stretch the varied body components with the goal of rendering the body stronger, additional versatile, desegregation the emotional, mental and non secular dimensions of the being by victimization attentiveness of the respiratory to center the activities down from the mind into the body and chakra centers. this can be the active kind of Yoga. there's conjointly the musing a part of yoga that is completed by sitting inactive, incorporates the respiratory attentiveness with the calming of the mind, associate degree removal of the mind of all thoughts permitting the mind to rest and become stronger and additional targeted. supply is:" The Art and Science of Raja Yoga" by Hindu Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters).

It is through the apply of attentiveness of the respiratory that one is in a position to 'be' within the nowadays, of every inhalation, delivery contemporary prana into the body, and with the exhalation cathartic the body's toxins and depleted prana through the breath. an excellent reference is "Breathe! you're alive" by Thich Nhat chemist.

The Buddhist apply of the principles of inter-being, length, and emptiness permits the 'being' to implement the values of shoulds and will nots raising oneself higher than the suffering of ism up to the liberty of nirvana or nirbikhalpa, peaceful cloud nine. it's by learning that you simply and that i ar 'one', that our happiness will solely return once the other's suffering stops, that our prosperity depends on achieving abundance for all; that there's no birth or death, solely transformation and transition from one state of being into another, from the seen to the unseen. The emptiness is achieved by seeing while not eyes, hearing while not ears, tasting while not a tongue, touching while not contact, and thinking while not ideas, feeling while not feeling. My supply for this info is "Understand our mind" by Thich Nhat Hanh.

Massage medical aid is that the methodology that i take advantage of to help the mixing of the four bodies by manipulating tissues, muscles, and moving the energy to get rid of congestions and depletions and energize and optimize chakras that ar active or smothered. i take advantage of a range of massage medical aid techniques that unleash contractures and adhesions and once these don't work the pranic healing techniques victimization color prana ar simplest to attain unleash of tension. The pranic healing is additionally ready to regenerate tissues, cartilage, bones, stop contemporary wounds from hemorrhage, dissolve excretory organ and gallstones, tumors, regulate high force per unit area, and improve overall well-being.


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